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Not Harmful Kurkure Snack in Kolkata

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Kurkure had launched a new, delicious localized flavor with
‘East Parar Tok Jhal’ in Kolkata this April. This Kurkure snack is not harmful to health as it is made from rice, corn and special spices.

Since the snack was launched in Kolkata, I did not have the opportunity to taste. Did any of you taste it then do share your experience on the same? All of you must be thinking how on earth did I know about the flavour that was introduced in Kolkata. I have a very dear friend Nishi Bannerjee residing in the eastern part of the country, came to know about it from her.

She said that the new Kurkure ‘East Parar Tok Jhal’ flavour brings with it a tangy taste of mustard and a mouth watering mix of spices.

Made using rice, corn and gram blended with a variety of flavors, consumers can now enjoy the great taste of Kurkure products, cooked in high quality edible vegetable oil.

The new flavour derives itself from spices that put Indian food on a pedestal and as the name suggests, it celebrates the local cuisine & taste of the region! For Kurkure lovers, their very own tedha shaped snack will offer them a wider variety to choose from!

How cool is that, so people Kurkure is not harmful but rather a tasty snack with mouth-lickering flavours.


Written by pure007

May 27, 2009 at 9:05 am

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  1. Informative post. Thanks for sharing.


    July 21, 2010 at 5:13 pm

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