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Don’t Say You Don’t Eat Kurkure – Take the Quiz

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Are you a Kurkure lover? Do you enjoy munching Kurkure at the comfort of the sofa at your home? Does it tempt you to buy a packet of Kurkure, when you are in a grocery store? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should take the quiz here. If you have read my previous posts then it would be a slice of cake to answer the questions here.

The main aim of this quiz is to know how much do we actually know of the product that we consume almost on a regular basis. The inspiration of this quiz comes from the recent rumor claiming that Kurkure contains plastic. It is a different thing that the rumor contending that Kurkure contains plastic is totally baseless. But since we did not know much about the product, most of us believed in the rumor so much so that people actually bought Kurkure to burn Kurkure to see plastic melting.

I think I did a lot of blah-blah here. Lets start with the quiz now.
1. Kurkure contains edible ingredients including:
a. rice meal
b. corn meal
c. gram meal
d. all the above

2. The recent rumor that Kurkure contains plastic or there is plastic in Kurkure, is it
a. True
b. Gimmick
c. No idea

3. How safe is the process of extrusion used in the manufacture of Kurkure?
a. Safest process
b. Unsafe process
c. No idea

4. Kurkure is manufactured in automated plants in three locations in India. Which are the 3 locations?
a. Channo (Punjab)
b. Kolkata
c. Pune
d. Mumbai

Come on people take the quiz and test your knowledge about Kurkure. After solving this quiz, I know none of you will go home and burn Kurkure to check if there is plastic melting.

Written by pure007

September 16, 2008 at 12:58 pm