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Kurkure Manufacture – Kurkure is Not Bad for Health

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After reading this post, you would definitely would know whether Kurkure is good for health or whether Kurkure is bad for health.

In my previous post , I have already discussed about the ingredients in Kurkure, which clearly indicated that there is no plastic in kurkure. Today, I shall talk about the process as to how Kurkure is manufactured using a safe and hygienic process.

Kurkure is manufactured in automated plants in three different locations in India mainly Channo (Punjab), Kolkata and Pune. All these 3 locations are audited and certified by various external agencies for its safety and safe manufacture process including the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification given by TQCSI (Australia), which confirms that products at our plants are manufactured in Food safety environment. These automated plants are ISO 14000 certified which means that the process involved in manufacturing Kurkure in these locations are totally safe and is in co-ordination with environmental safety. Kurkure plants are also certifed by the OHSAS 18001-(Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series)- (USA) for the safety that is maintained at the product, process, environment and people level.

After the knowing about the plants where Kurkure is manufactured, we shall now know how Kurkure is actually produced. The process of manufacturing Kurkure involves blending of the raw material to deliver a homogenous mix. The raw materials used in this blending process is carefully scrutinized for its quality and if any of the raw materials does not meet the quality guidelines, it is not used in the process. There is not a single sign of plastic in this homogenous mix as it is made of edible ingredients (read my previous post for details regrading the “Kurkure Ingredients – Kurkure is a Healthy Snack”). Water is added further to this homogenous mix and then the extrusion of the mix. The mix is then fried to develop taste and texture and then application of consumer lovable flavor. The product obtained through the process is then packed in to the best packaging laminate to ensure delivery of quality Kurkure snack to the end consumer.

The post clearly reads out that the latest gimmick about Kurkure containing plastic is only wrong. The product is manufactured in a process so safe that the same process is used in the manufacture of baby foods.

To end with, my advice to all my readers is only this, Kurkure is good for health and the claims recently being made about its safety on humans, is only wrong. So people, enjoy munching your Kurkure as you did before!

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September 1, 2008 at 12:08 pm

Ingredients Kurkure – Kurkure is a Healthy Snack

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Kurkure is a New Age Namkeen. You can have Kurkure either directly or you can add additional ingredients including onions, tomato, pinch of lemon juice, etc to make it more tastier. These additional ingredients are easily available at home.

To talk about the actual ingredients that makes up Kurkure. To start with I would like to clear a doubt that most of the readers on this blog maybe having and that is there is “no plastic in Kurkure“. Kurkure is made of edible ingredients including rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, high quality edible vegetable oil, seasoning, salt, spices and condiments and flavours. All these ingredients that I have mentioned here are also used by us in our day-to-day household cooking purposes as they are edible items used in every household kitchen.

To sum up with, I would like to say that Kurkure is one of the safest and one of the healthiest snack that I have known and it is surely good for health.

Written by pure007

August 29, 2008 at 6:28 am