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Kurkure Plastic Talks are Baseless Rumours

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Eat Kurkure and Do Not Say No to Kurkure

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I am not with junk food much. But when it comes to Kurkure, it is different. There have been rumors all around these days regarding Kurkure. The rumor has gone to such an extent that people are telling their friends that “kurkure contains plastic“, “say no to kurkure“, “plastic in kurkure“, “kurkure harmful to health” some are even saying “don’t eat kurkure“. Is it really a reality or a marketing gimmick?

The truth is totally different from what is being pictured. Kurkure does not contain plastic. Yeah, you read it right, there is no plastic in Kurkure. You must be thinking, how can I say that so confidently. I have come across this fact through a genuine source on the web. Visit this link for details: http://fritolayindia.blogspot.com/2008/08/message-from-gautham-mukkavilli.html.

Let me tell you my friends, if Kurkure really contained plastic then people would have quited it long back. Sending unnecessary mails without any relevant proof is so bad. As for the link I have provided above, it clearly states that Kurkure complies with the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act and Rules that govern the manufacture, distribution and sale of Kurkure.

So next time, you visit a grocery shop and see that packet of Kurkure, don’t worry at all. Grab hold of it. Happy Munching!