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Kurkure Plastic Talks are Baseless Rumours

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Kurkure Plastic Rumours – Baseless Lies Says AIIMS

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Hey Everybody,

I have a piece of information to share with all my readers on the blog. AIIMS (i.e. The ALL INDIA INSTITUTE of MEDICAL SCIENCES) has issued a letter that the Kurkure plastic lies or the ‘kurkure contains plastic’ rumour that has been making rounds online are nothing, but baseless rumours. A Doctor at AIIMS has clearly stated that he has not issued any note which states that, “Don’t eat Kurkure because it contains plastic. If you don’t believe burn Kurkure, and you can see plastic melting.”

I believe many of you must have received such spam forwarded chain mails and most of you must have believed it to be true as well. But, after a letter from AIIMS; you need not believe in such rumours. It means Kurkure is a completely safe snack for consumption.

You can check out the AIIMS letter that clears the Kurkure plastic rumour at http://bit.ly/KurkureAIIMS.

I read it on a blog somewhere, and it aptly applies here as well: Kurkure in Plastic (pack) but no Plastic in Kurkure!!

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March 24, 2011 at 11:27 pm

Not Harmful Kurkure Snack in Kolkata

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Kurkure had launched a new, delicious localized flavor with
‘East Parar Tok Jhal’ in Kolkata this April. This Kurkure snack is not harmful to health as it is made from rice, corn and special spices.

Since the snack was launched in Kolkata, I did not have the opportunity to taste. Did any of you taste it then do share your experience on the same? All of you must be thinking how on earth did I know about the flavour that was introduced in Kolkata. I have a very dear friend Nishi Bannerjee residing in the eastern part of the country, came to know about it from her.

She said that the new Kurkure ‘East Parar Tok Jhal’ flavour brings with it a tangy taste of mustard and a mouth watering mix of spices.

Made using rice, corn and gram blended with a variety of flavors, consumers can now enjoy the great taste of Kurkure products, cooked in high quality edible vegetable oil.

The new flavour derives itself from spices that put Indian food on a pedestal and as the name suggests, it celebrates the local cuisine & taste of the region! For Kurkure lovers, their very own tedha shaped snack will offer them a wider variety to choose from!

How cool is that, so people Kurkure is not harmful but rather a tasty snack with mouth-lickering flavours.

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May 27, 2009 at 9:05 am

Kurkure Snack Flavour – Kurkure Mumbai Chatpata

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Hey Everybody,

There is some cool information for all the Kurkure lovers. Kurkure has come up with a new Kurkure variant and that is the Kurkure Mumbai Chatpata. It has been launched in the West India market. The new Kurkure variant feels close to your heart if you are a Mumbaikar.

Mumbai is a great place to be and with Kurkure’s new flavour dedicated to Mumbai. I decided why not try the new Kurkure Mumbai Chatpata flavour. In the new Kurkure variant, the fried rice and corn sticks are flavoured with mild spices, pepper, chillies and a dash of fennel.

We use all these ingredients in our daily kitchen, therefore the New Kurkure variant is completely safe for consumption and has no harmful effects on the body. Kurkure is a safe snack and so Kurkure is not dangerous.

Could not get the picture of the new Kurkure packet. If anyone does, please share it here? Till then, even I will find one.

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May 18, 2009 at 7:59 am

No Plastic in Kurkure’s Green Chutney Rajasthani Flavor Snack

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Have you ever tasted the green chutney Rajasthani style? This post is on the Kurkure Green Chutney Rajasthani Style. As the name suggests, it is a true Rajasthani flavor packed in a snack packet.

Kurkure Green Chutney Rajasthani Style

Before continuing this post further, I tasted it again so I can give you a true review of the packet. Believe me, every Kurkure snack stick in the packet tastes like heaven. It is utterly delicious, I had the entire snack packet all myself. The green chutney flavor in Kurkure snack is what distinguishes it and it is just awesome.

Kurkure is made from edible ingredients including rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, salt, edible oils and seasonings. But there is no plastic in Kurkure.

You must be wondering why have I given a title like “No Plastic in Kurkure’s Green Chutney Rajasthani Style”, to make it very clear in the beginning of the post itself that there is no plastic in Kurkure. So you can enjoy munching Kurkure Green Chutney Rajasthni Style to the fullest and not believe in the recent Kurkure rumor that it contained plastic.

Also, have you ever tried any recipe with the Kurkure Green Chutney Rajasthani Style, I didn’t get a chance as I was busy eating the snack. But in case any of you have tried it, do share it here? I will share my recipe soon after I try it as well?

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April 3, 2009 at 12:14 pm

Video – Kurkure is Safe, Kurkure Does not Contain Plastic

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Hi Everybody,

I regret for not posting anything on the blog lately. But , I got some useful information for all of you. A video which is an excerpt from a News channel where Kurkure has come openly to say Kurkure is a totally safe snack for consumption and that Kurkure does not contain plastic.

Watch the video here:

I hope after watching this video, people would stop believing on the rumor about Kurkure containing plastic.

Do share your views about the video here.

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March 13, 2009 at 12:35 pm