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Kurkure Launches Three new Flavours made using Moong, Urad & Chana Dal

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Hey Everybody,

Got some interesting piece of information to share with all you Kurkure lovers. If you love the different Kurkure flavours (or variants) that are currently available in the market, then read it through for what’s coming.

Kurkure, India’s popular and fun loving family Namkeen brand from PepsiCo India has always taken pride in the fact that it’s made from trusted ingredients found in Indian kitchens.

And now in a first, Kurkure has launched 3 new products under the “Ingredients of India” range made with a special ingredient found in every home, Dal ! Of course, Kurkure has given its signature twist to all 3 products. Using a combination of popular dals & locally relevant flavours from various regions of India, Kurkure has come out with 3 exciting variants – Mumbai Chatpata Usal, Bengali Jhaal & South Spice Mix.

Kurkure Ingredients of India

The three variants were launched today by popular bollywood star and Kurkure brand ambassador, Juhi Chawla. “Kurkure has always been a snack that I have enjoyed eating and being associated with since 2004 as it’s a fun snack brand par excellence that has delighted consumers by focusing on quality & keeping up with changing needs. These three new variants made with different dals are another example of relevant innovation people have come to expect from Kurkure” said Juhi Chawla.

On the occasion Nalin Sood, EVP Marketing – Foods, PepsiCo India, said “Kurkure always been at the forefront of innovation in the snacks category by bringing locally relevant, great tasting & quality products to Indian consumers. We are confident that consumers will enjoy these 3 products made using dals. It will be our endeavor to continue to come up with exciting innovations that continue to delight consumers.”

The three new ingredient based Kurkure will be available in retail outlets available across the country in packs of 23g for Rs 5 (inclusive of all taxes), 50 g for Rs 10(inclusive of all taxes), 120g for Rs. 20(inclusive of all taxes). The launch of the three new variants will be aggressively promoted through a 360 degree marketing campaign .

Do let me know, which of the 3 new flavours that you liked the most?


Are You a Kurkure Fan?

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You would agree with me that today our lives have become so busy that at times it becomes difficult to catch up even with our next door friends. Weekends are the only days when we are able to catch up with friends and wind up ourselves from the hectic work schedule. However, Internet is the only medium where we are available 365 days a week and at times 24/7! So, wierd ain’t it? Technology has taken such a pivotal role in our lives that we just can’t do without it.

Our days begin with the mobile alarm waking us up in the morning, so on and so forth. We have virtually become slaves of technology. All said and done, technology does have a positive side. It helps us to keep ourselves updated as to what is happening in the world, catch up with our friends online everyday, etc. Not only that, it is now easier to keep a track of our favorite brands with the help of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

If you a Kurkure fan, then here is your chance to keep yourself updated with the latest Kurkure ads, Kurkure flavours in the market, etc. You name it and you get it!

For the latest updates on your favourite Kurkure snack, visit the following links:
1. Kurkure on Twitter – For the latest updates on Kurkure, etc.

2. Kurkure on Facebook – For the upcoming Kurkure contests, etc

3. Kurkure on Youtube – For the latest Kurkure ads, contest videos, etc.

Stay connected and be updated!

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April 21, 2011 at 6:17 pm

Kurkure Plastic Rumours – Baseless Lies Says AIIMS

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Hey Everybody,

I have a piece of information to share with all my readers on the blog. AIIMS (i.e. The ALL INDIA INSTITUTE of MEDICAL SCIENCES) has issued a letter that the Kurkure plastic lies or the ‘kurkure contains plastic’ rumour that has been making rounds online are nothing, but baseless rumours. A Doctor at AIIMS has clearly stated that he has not issued any note which states that, “Don’t eat Kurkure because it contains plastic. If you don’t believe burn Kurkure, and you can see plastic melting.”

I believe many of you must have received such spam forwarded chain mails and most of you must have believed it to be true as well. But, after a letter from AIIMS; you need not believe in such rumours. It means Kurkure is a completely safe snack for consumption.

You can check out the AIIMS letter that clears the Kurkure plastic rumour at http://bit.ly/KurkureAIIMS.

I read it on a blog somewhere, and it aptly applies here as well: Kurkure in Plastic (pack) but no Plastic in Kurkure!!

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March 24, 2011 at 11:27 pm

Kurkure Movie Receives Legal Notice from PepsiCo India

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PepsiCo India has issued a legal notice to the producers of an “Adult entertainment film” for bearing the title KURKURE. The word KURKURE has no obvious meaning in the Telugu language and the same appears to be deliberately used by the producers of the movie. The producers of this local telugu movie not only lack the ethics sense but have also tried destroying the brand equity of one of the most popular snacks brand in the Indian market.

Pepsico India is taking a legal action against its producers and websites not ready to remove the published movie from their respective properties.

KURKURE is a trademark solely owned by PepsiCo India and so not anyone can just start associating the brand term with their own ventures. It is like, you have been owning a home for 20 years and spending your life there. And all of a sudden, one day someone enters your home and claims that it is his home. That’s not right! What do you think? Don’t we have a right to stand for something that is ours. And today, when PepsiCo is doing just the same that is fighting for its brand equity. I support them, hoping they win this battle against the unethical Kurkure movie producers. I support my favorite snack brand, Kurkure. Long live Kurkure!

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November 22, 2010 at 8:36 pm

Kurkure Contest

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Hey Everybody,

I have got a news share to with you. The other day, I visited the Kurkure website and guess what I found there. The new Kurkure contest!

Kurkure always comes up with innovative contest ideas. You remember the last contest where the contestant had to send in an innovative recipe made with Kurkure. If then contestant won then he/she stood a chance to get their picture along with their family members printed on the Kurkure pack. Like the one below:

Kurkure Masala Munch

Now, talking about the latest Kurkure contest. In this contest, all you have to do is share your TEDHE FUN IDEAS to spend more time with your family and you can win a house worth Rs.1 crore. This is not all, you also stand a chance to win a trip to Disneyland (Hongkong) with your family and many othe daily prizes to be won. Sounds interesting na!

Kurkure Contest

Once I finish writing this post, I would be submitting my TEDHE FUN IDEAS online.

Oh yes, regarding the participation details of the contest. All you have to do is visit the Kurkure website and submit your FUN IDEAS there or alternatively you can also call or SMS your TEDHE FUN IDEAS on 09212301234. Normal call/SMS charges applicable. Isn’t that cool!

Submit your TEDHE FUN IDEAS and you never know, you can be the winner of a house worth Rs 1 crore. The contest has started from 15th August, 2010 and closes on 30 November, 2010

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August 16, 2010 at 2:10 pm

Do Not Say No To Kurkure Chilli Chatka

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Kurkure is a snack that is liked by people of all ages and every nationality. I read a review by a foreign chef on the tasty and delicious snack i.e. Kurkure Chilli Chatka.

This is what he had to say,

Back from the Indian food store, second trip, for this Frito Lay product from India. What surprised me was the bag was mostly in English.

Chatka from what I saw online means burn.

What you get is a product that looks very much like a cheeto, a bit smaller imo on most pieces.

The color this time is brownish with some seasoning on it

The brownish color must be from the graham meal they are using. It also includes rice and corn meal as well.

A regular cheeto only has corn meal in it.

The seasoning includes chili, onion powder, fennel, garlic powder, coriander powder, black pepper, ajwain, and cumin

The flavor though was amazing. Heat level though was not much, but you can taste it.

A big thumbs up, but can you find it locally though???

(You can find the original review at http://www.discusscooking.com/forums/f26/kurkure-chilli-chatka-review-59369.html)

This is what a foreigner had to say about the famous Indian snack “Kurkure”. And we in Indian believe in rumours that Kurkure contains plastic. It is time to think proactively. We as consumers cannot be deceived by any rumour that is spread by any miscreant.

Jago Grahak, Jago!

Written by pure007

August 6, 2009 at 4:24 pm

Kurkure South Special – Don’t Say No to Kurkure

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Kurkure has launched a new, delicious localized flavor known as “South Special” in South India.

Kurkure Healthy Snack

Kurkure Healthy Snack

I shall provide you with more information about the new Kurkure variant here that has been launched in South India.

Kurkure, one of India’s most loved snack food brands has brought a new, regional flavour to the South market and offers another reason for consumers to snack smart while retaining the delightful taste of authentic South Indian spices!

Called ‘South Special’, this new flavour has been created, using special spices with a dash of curry leaves designed to tingle the taste buds of consumers in South India.

Made using rice, corn and gram blended with a variety of flavors, consumers can now SnackSmart™ and enjoy the great taste of Kurkure products, cooked in high quality edible vegetable oil.

The new flavour derives itself from spices that put Indian food on a pedestal and as the name suggests, it celebrates the local cuisine & taste of the region! For Kurkure lovers, their very own tedha shaped snack will offer them a wider variety to choose from!

So people, do not say no to Kurkure but rather eat Kurkure, the tasty Indian namkeen snack.

Written by pure007

May 28, 2009 at 5:33 am