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Kurkure Snack Flavour – Kurkure Mumbai Chatpata

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Hey Everybody,

There is some cool information for all the Kurkure lovers. Kurkure has come up with a new Kurkure variant and that is the Kurkure Mumbai Chatpata. It has been launched in the West India market. The new Kurkure variant feels close to your heart if you are a Mumbaikar.

Mumbai is a great place to be and with Kurkure’s new flavour dedicated to Mumbai. I decided why not try the new Kurkure Mumbai Chatpata flavour. In the new Kurkure variant, the fried rice and corn sticks are flavoured with mild spices, pepper, chillies and a dash of fennel.

We use all these ingredients in our daily kitchen, therefore the New Kurkure variant is completely safe for consumption and has no harmful effects on the body. Kurkure is a safe snack and so Kurkure is not dangerous.

Could not get the picture of the new Kurkure packet. If anyone does, please share it here? Till then, even I will find one.


Written by pure007

May 18, 2009 at 7:59 am